Intelligent Price Transparency

If converting your website visitors into paying customers is a priority right now, Shopbrain can help you today!

4 ways our solution can help your business to succeed

More than 68% of consumers spend more than 20 mins comparing prices before making a purchase. Lack of clarity in pricing prolongs the path to purchase.

Increase Conversion

Intelligent Price Transparency solution can significantly increase your conversion rate.

Boost Revenue

By offering confidence gained through price transparency, consumers are more likely to make a purchase especially on high-value items.

Improve User Experience

Saving consumers time and money with intelligent & accurate product matching from selective dealers and retailers can significantly improve user experience and streamline the purchase funnel.

Gain Deeper Insights

Shopbrain multi-dimensional engagement dashboard, with access to detailed metrics in real-time, gives a deeper understanding of your return on investment.


Instantaneous Conversion Increase

Whether your goal is boosting direct sales or website traffic monetization, Shopbrain’s Intelligent Price-Transparency solution is customized to optimize your conversion funnel and enhance the shopping experience associated with your brand.

  • Minimal effort turn-key solution
  • Integrate seamlessly with your website
  • Immediate & significant conversion increase
  • Support direct sell or referral models

Deeper Real-Time Insights

Multi-dimensional in-depth metrics tracking and reporting in real-time gives a deeper understanding of your return on investment (ROI).

  • Real-time multi-dimensional dashboard
  • First-class integration with Google Analytics and AdWords
  • Built-in A/B testing capability gives real understanding on your ROI
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