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See Why Amazon Isn’t the Only One With the Best Deals

See Why Amazon Isn’t the Only One With the Best Deals

Amazon may be the holy grail of online shopping, but the quest for a good deal must go beyond a single store. Why? Because shopping one site means missing out on an online world full of identical products at potentially much better prices.

But we know what you’re thinking: comparison shopping around the web sounds like a time-consuming and inefficient use of your time with prices that constantly fluctuate, reviews that disappear and products that sellout before you have a chance to buy. And you’d be right.

Thankfully, there’s a better way! An effortless tool that works while you shop to find the guaranteed best deal on everything you want. In short, it’s the shopping assistant you’ve been waiting for.

Meet, Shopbrain.

Getting to Know Shopbrain

As the world’s most powerful AI shopping assistant, Shopbrain is the ultimate secret weapon for even the most discerning deal-hunter. Its powerful search engine simultaneously searches more than one billion products from your favorite retailers to deliver instant and unbiased information on prices, ratings and reviews.

Better yet? Shopbrain dispenses an accurate price history on every product it searches so you can tell when something is a good value or if there’s a better time to buy.

How Does it Work?

Putting Shopbrain to work for you couldn’t be easier.

Once you’ve added Shopbrain to your browser, its icon sits discretely in the top right corner of your web browser. The platform activates instantly whenever you’re shopping to find and deliver competitive prices on identical products from across the web.

Voila! All the deals. All the convenience. None of the work.

To Sum it Up

With sites like Amazon redefining retail and the overall e-commerce market projected to spike to over $4 trillion by 2021, consumers need to have confidence they’re getting the best deal on all their online purchases. While other sites may promise the most competitive prices, only one tool has the “brains” to back it up.

With Shopbrain you always know:

  • You are getting the best possible price out there.
  • You will see the trends and know whether it’s the best time is to buy.
  • You are getting honest product reviews.

If snagging the best price while you shop (and with zero effort!) sounds like your idea of a good deal, Shopbrain is right for you.

It’s time to shop like a pro. Add the Shopbrain button today!

Add Shopbrain – It’s Free

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