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Coupons Don’t Always Offer The Best Price

Coupons Don’t Always Offer The Best Price

We get it. Coupons are awesome. There’s nothing better than the feeling of applying a coupon code at checkout and seeing the price in your shopping cart go down – what’s not to love! But while coupons can be great and super handy, they aren’t always the answer or the right way to find the best deal when you’re shopping online. Read on to find out how to always get the best price with or without a coupon! 

Coupons Don’t Always Work

Coupons are great when they work, but the codes quickly expire or are not available at the store you are shopping at. This is frustrating because now you’re stuck having to pay full price. We are led to believe that the only way to get a discount is at the check-out when you are ready to buy. Is this the only way?

A Better Deal May Be Out There

Stores and sites use coupons as a marketing gimmick to keep savvy shoppers on their site. But what if there’s simply a lower price elsewhere… on another site that you haven’t found. A price that’s an even better deal…. without a coupon! No one likes that overpaying feeling – so it’s really helpful to have an easy way to find the best price without having to do all the searching yourself.  

Shopbrain Finds You The Best Price Across Thousands Of Stores 

Shopbrain delivers you savings upfront, not like a coupon that only works at checkout. Before you check out, Shopbrain automatically compares prices on over a billion products from every major retailer, marketplace, and search engine so you can see who offers the lowest price. Then you simply click on the store with the best price and pay as usual. Incredibly, Shopbrain finds a better price almost half the time for our shoppers. But even when we don’t you can shop with confidence knowing that you’ve found the best deal! 

Add Shopbrain today to help you find the best deal (coupon or not!) anytime you shop online!  

Add Shopbrain. It’s Free!

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