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Powerful Price Comparison In The Palm of Your Hand

Powerful Price Comparison In The Palm of Your Hand

Shopbrain is putting savings and real-time deals at your fingertips with our new mobile app available on iOS and Android. It’s price comparison shopping like you’ve never experienced before!  

Compare Prices While On Your Favorite Retail Apps 

For the first time ever, you can compare prices while you’re shopping on Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and eBay apps. In just one click, Shopbrain can check if you’ve found the best price without leaving the stores app or mobile site, saving you time and money! Shopbrain’s powerful price comparison engine searches over 1 billion products across all stores, merchants, and search engines, including Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, and Google Shopping to find you the best price.

Deals Of The Day

Say goodbye to missing out on deals simply because you weren’t searching in the right place. The Shopbrain app brings you the hottest daily deals from all your favorite stores including Amazon, Best Buy, and eBay into one app. These top deals are constantly updated so be sure to check back daily to make sure you never miss out.

Barcode Scanner

Comparing prices can be very time consuming – especially if you are shopping in a physical store and the product is right in front of you. With Shopbrain’s barcode scanner, you’ll instantly know if you’ve found the best price by scanning any item in-store. Simply scan the item and Shopbrain compares prices across all your favorite retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Google Shopping and tells you where you can find the best price. So you can shop with confidence where you are or get a better price in another store! 

With Shopbrain’s powerful price comparison technology, you’ll be confident you’re getting the best price every time you shop. Not only will you save money on everything you buy, but you’ll do it at no upfront cost. Put an end to overpaying once and for all and start using Shopbrain’s price comparison app to find deals and save.

Shopbrain’s price comparison and top deals app is free to download —there’s truly nothing to lose!

Add Shopbrain. It’s Free!

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