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Shoppers Need to Know About This Price Comparison Tool

Shoppers Need to Know About This Price Comparison Tool

The rise of e-commerce has done more than spark a new appreciation for UPS, it’s also caused an uptick in comparison shopping as consumers bounce from retailer to retailer in search of a deal. But while comparison shopping has become common practice, it is a very inefficient process to find a deal.

For starters, shoppers have to search multiple retailer sites, prices fluctuate, reviews disappear and worse the product can sell out by the time each store was checked. Thankfully, there’s a better way! A tool that works while you shop to find the guaranteed best price on everything you want. In short, it’s the price comparison assistant you’ve been waiting for. 

Save With Price Comparisons 

Shopbrain is the ultimate secret weapon for even the most discerning deal-hunter. Its powerful price comparison engine simultaneously searches over a billion products and retailers including Amazon, Walmart Best Buy, and Home Depot, to deliver instant and unbiased pricing, ratings and reviews.

Once you’ve added Shopbrain to your browser, its little brain icon sits discretely in the top right corner of your web browser. The brain only activates when you’re shopping on a retailer’s product page. Within seconds the Shopbrain window appears showing price comparisons from top retailers with the lowest price always on top. 

On your phone, it’s even easier – Shopbrain helps you price compare while you’re shopping on Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and eBay in just one click! It’s that easy. 

Know The Best Price To Buy With A Price Tracker 

Better yet – Shopbrain’s price tracker monitors prices to predict if the price will go up or down in the next 10 days. This way you will always have the confidence of knowing if now is really the best time to buy.

Shopbrain’s price comparison technology searches over a billion products and retailers to get you the best price right when you’re shopping for a product. Combine this with their powerful price tracker and now you have the best way to know if you should buy now or wait.

Here’s how the price tracker works:

  • Shopbrain monitors prices to help predict if prices will go up or down in the next 10 days
  • The extension will inform you when you’ve found a ‘Hot Deal’ – the best prices seen over the past several months and is unlikely to drop any further
  • Or, it will tell you to ‘Wait’ – it’s likely a better deal may be available soon

In short, the price tracker takes the guesswork out of knowing when to buy so you can shop online with confidence. You’ll never overpay or miss out on getting the best price again! 

To Sum It Up

With the e-retail market projected to spike to over $4 trillion by 2021, consumers need to have confidence they’re getting the best price on all their online purchases. While other sites may promise the most competitive prices, Shopbrain has the “brains” to back it up. 

If snagging the best price while you shop (and with zero effort!) sounds like your idea of a good deal, Shopbrain is right for you. 

Add Shopbrain. It’s Free!

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