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Welcome to Shopbrain. The Better Way to Shop.

Picture this: you’re shopping online for a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to inspire your inner rock star in the shower. First, you try a general search and Google comes up with 47,600,000 results. All the retail stores are listed separately so you’ll have to open each one as a tab. And besides, there are mostly ads on the first page so you know retailers have paid for those top spots.

You head over to Amazon to see prices and read reviews and find one you like. But now you wonder if Best Buy is selling it for a better price. And what if it’s about to go on sale? You’re paralyzed by indecision and now realize you’re late for work.

All of this online searching takes a lot of time and effort and yet we still can’t be sure we’re getting the best price. We do it this way because it’s how it’s always been done and, frankly, we’re used to wasting time shopping online. But not anymore. At Shopbrain, we’re challenging what’s normal.

Transforming Online Shopping.

Welcome to Shopbrain. The Better Way to Shop.

Shopbrain is here to transform traditional online shopping. We strive to empower the shopper through knowledge by harnessing the power of technology.

So how can it work for you? Shopbrain is an AI shopping assistant that searches the entire web to find the best price and gathers all the information a shopper needs about any product they are looking for online. It’s a meta-search engine – basically a search engine that searches search engines – so we do all the work for you. And the best part is, you don’t have to come to Shopbrain. Shopbrain will come to you. Our browser extension will automatically show you everything you need to know while you shop.

Giving Power to You.

Better way to shop - Shopbrain

  • Find the best price on the products you are looking for online.
  • Track price histories so you will always know the best time to buy.
  • Know what real people are saying about products by giving you all the ratings and reviews on products.

We’ll save you precious time and money shopping online because you have more important things to do. Like singing in the shower or getting to work on time.

If you’re ready to make shopping easy, add Shopbrain today.

Ready to try it? Add the Shopbrain Browser Extension!

Add Shopbrain – it’s Free

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