FAQ for Consumers

What is Shopbrain?

Shopbrain is a shopping assistant that helps you find the best price while you shop.

How does it work?

Shopbrain searches all other sites to check that you’ve found the best price for whatever you’re looking to buy. Let’s say you’re looking to buy a TV or book a hotel room and you find what you’re looking for on Amazon or Expedia. Before you buy that TV or book that room, Shopbrain activates and starts searching across the entire web to check prices. In seconds, you’ll see a small drop-down window with a list of all the prices we’ve found so you’ll know if you’ve found the best deal or if there’s a better price elsewhere. Plus, we’ll tell you if we think it’s a hot deal or there’s a better time to buy.

If you’re in a store, you can easily use Shopbrain’s app to scan any product and check the prices of that item in every other store. Or, if you’re a fan of hot deals, you can find a list of daily deals from your favorite retailers in our app.

All our price results are completely independent and unbiased – we always put the lowest price on top. We just want to find you the best deal. Almost half the time, we find users a better price for the identical item. That’s a lot of savings and deals people that don’t use Shopbrain miss out on!

What about my privacy?

We respect your privacy. Your personal data is yours, not ours. We only activate when we check a price for you and you can easily pause the feature. We don’t ask you to login in, give us your contacts or keep any of your personal data. For more information, please visit our privacy policy – click here

Is it really free?

Shopbrain is completely free. There are no catches. Simply add to your browser to use it on your desktop and start saving time and money every time you shop.

How often do you find a better price?

Incredibly, almost half the time we find a better price for the identical product you’re shopping for on another site. On average we find savings of over $300 per user per month. We simply want to make it easy for you to find out where the best price is for the item they are shopping for.

Once you find me the best price, what do I do?

You simply click on the link to the store or site that we’ve found the best price on and continue shopping on that site. You never shop on Shopbrain – we just help you find the best price.

When you say “independent and unbiased” what do you mean?

What we show you is simply a list of prices from lowest to highest. No one can influence the results and no retailer can ever pay to appear first.

What products do you search for?

From TV’s and hotel rooms to diapers and detergents, we will always find you the best deal. We search billions of items across the web to find all the prices of the product or hotel room you’re looking for. Yep, that’s over a billion products and rooms.

What stores and sites can you search?

We search hundreds of thousands of stores, websites and millions of merchants, including favorites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Home Depot, Best Buy, Expedia, Trivago, Booking.com and more.

Do you only search for price?

No, we also show you a list of all reviews across each store and our own rating that is calculated from all the ratings we’ve found. Reviews are always helpful when making a buying decision so we felt it’s important you have them as well. The more reviews the better.

What does the ‘our advice’ chart show?

We also track the prices of products over time. This helps you see whether something is more expensive than normally or if now is a good price relative to the last couple of months. Unfortunately, in times of peak demand, prices seem to go up so we want to help you really understand if it’s a good time to buy or better to wait for a better deal. So we’ll tell you if it’s a hot deal or if you should wait, as a better price may be just around the corner.

How do you do it?

We use the power of artificial intelligence and data mining to search faster than you could ever search manually. When you look at a product online, our powerful engine instantly searches across the web. What used to take hours, now takes seconds. It’s harnessing technology to work for you.

How do I use Shopbrain on my laptop or desktop?

To use Shopbrain on your laptop or desktop, you simply need to install our browser extension. A browser extension is a plug-in, or a small software application, that increases the functionality of a browser. It simply allows a browser to do more things. Once you’re on a product page or a hotel room page on any site, Shopbrain activates to check prices. Our browser extension is available for your Chrome or Safari browser. And we’re adding more coverage soon too!

Are you certified?

Shopbrain is fully certified, safe, and approved in the Chrome Extension Store. Each release of the Shopbrain Chrome extension is also manually reviewed by Google.

How do I uninstall it?

Easy – just one click on the Shopbrain icon to uninstall it too.

This all sounds great. How do I start saving?

It just takes 2 clicks to add this feature to your browser and you’re all set. No software to download, no complicated procedures to figure out, and no passwords to remember.

Enjoy the savings and always knowing that you’ve found the best price!