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Product Feature Spotlight

A sure way to convert uncertain shoppers into determined purchasers without damaging your profit margin.

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We generate a dynamic feature comparison set against competing products to demonstrate

product superiority

Why do I need it?

Product reviews and comparisons influence consumers’ purchase decisions. In today's market, brand awareness and advertising efforts alone do not win consumers. You need a solution that can highlight your product’s features and quality.

How it works

Our solution is fully managed and automated. Once installed on your website, it will automatically analyze your products’ specifications, features, and reviews against available competitors’ products. Shopbrain’s solution then automatically generates a product feature comparison matrix in order to maximize your conversion rate.

Key features


Our A.I will discover your product specifications and discover competitors' comparable offerings with minimal human intervention.

Complete Control

You have complete control over the displayed information including from which product, competitor, and feature set.


We learn about your product at set-up time and continue to learn based on consumers’ interactions to maximize your conversion rate.

Real ROI

We collect and monitor every consumer interaction and display it in an analytical dashboard so you can visualize customer conversion immediately after deployment.

Risk & Commitment Free

We offer a risk-free trial for most clients. We believe only true ROI brings happy customers.