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Smart Conversion Optimizer

Our conversion optimizer highlights your prices against other retailers to show your clients that you have the best value.

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Consumers spend 30+ minutes comparing prices and visiting up to

6 competing retailers

Why do I need it?

Price opaqueness draws out your customer’s journey and increases the chance that they will buy your product somewhere else. Our solution eliminates the mystery through controlled price transparency. We shorten your customer’s shopping time and can increase conversion rates by more than 20%.

How it works

We scan your online catalog and automatically discover other retail options for your products. Our system will actively monitor price differences on different retail channels every day.

We remove the consumers’ urge to compare prices after they visit your site; visitors turn into purchasers on the spot. We will help you increase your conversion rate without sacrificing your profit margin.

Key features


There’s no need to do manually input data input or complete large system configurations. Our system will automatically scan and analyze your catalog with minimal input.

Complete Control

The Shopbrain system has the flexibility and intelligence to support any retailer, marketplace, auction site, or search engines.


Our powerful machine learning core learns from every input like auto-discovered retailers, product catalogs, consumer interactions, and conversions. There is one goal in mind - conversion optimization!

Risk & Commitment Free

We offer a risk-free trial for most clients. We believe only true ROI brings happy customers.