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Smart Shopping Assistant

An intelligent and highly sticky shopping assistant solution to increase user retention, engagement, visibility, and revenue.

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A fully automated shopping assistant for the entire shopping journey in the form of a

browser extension

Why do I need it?

Context-aware and with deep learning capabilities, this shopping assistant is the best way to engage your user base from start to finish through their shopping experience. Our highly sticky solution was designed from the ground up to simultaneously increase retention, engagement, and visibility.

How it works

Our smart assistant solution is fully automated. It’s smart enough to automatically engage your consumers appropriately based on their shopping behavior and respective context. Additionally, it’s fully customizable. Additional features are available based on your specific needs.

Key features

Fully Automated Solution

This context-aware solution is fully automated to engage your consumer appropriately based on their shopping habits and behavior; designed to produce a high level of engagement without complex manual configurations.

Powered by Sophisticated Deep Learning

Powered by cutting-edge technology and trained on one of the largest hand crafted proprietary training sets, our solution offers the best-in-class accuracy.

Multi-Vertical Support

The only solution that can power and deliver seamlessly in multiple verticals, including retail and hospitality. Future expansion in flights, vacation, and other verticals are coming soon.

Completely Customizable

The smart assistant solution was engineered using modular design to offer extensible customization ability.